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  • 38-year-old HB underwent chemotherapy treatment, which caused vaginal dryness. Nothing seemed to help and sexual intercourse with her partner proved impossible. It was decided to try EVA quadripolar radiofrequency therapy. After 3 sessions, HB was free from any symptoms.

  • BV, aged 64, experienced vaginal atrophy, which made sexual intercourse difficult and painful. After 2 treatments with EVA quadripolar radiofrequency therapy, she is now perfectly symptom-free.

  • FH, aged 50, suffered from stress incontinence, especially when jogging. She had received physiotherapy for some time without any success. Then it was decided to try EVA quadripolar radiofrequency therapy. After 5 sessions, the problem had reduced considerably and she could go out jogging again.

  • BL S is a 38-year-old young woman with post-partum vaginal trauma. After the birth and surgical procedure, severe pain was making sexual intercourse impossible. After 3 sessions of EVA quadripolar radiofrequency, the patient was completely free from any pain.

    BL S
  • PM, aged 58, was undergoing vaginal oestrogen treatment, which caused fierce and persistent dyspareunia +++. After 3 treatments with EVA quadripolar radiofrequency, the pain had completely gone and micturition (urination) had improved significantly.


What can EVA™ offer to affected women

  • Recognize the symptoms and talk about it to your doctor!

    As time passes by the vulvo-vaginal tract is affected by the natural decline in estrogen production, which often causes symptoms such as: the fragility of the vaginal mucosa, dryness (less lubrication), itching and burning, pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), worsening the quality of sexual activity with painful intercourse (dyspareunia) and the women’s quality of life in general. This is not a particularly nice experience for women at that moment in their life. Yet a significant number do not report it to their doctor, and remain to perceive it as a taboo health subject.

  • What can EVA™ do for you?

    EVA™ stands for ‘ENHANCER of the VAGINAL ANATOMY’. EVA™ selective action provides a non-surgical, non-invasive solution as part of therapeutic protocols for vaginal atrophy, post-menopausal genito-urinary syndrome, vaginal laxity (loss of muscle tone, strength of the pelvic structures and reduction of the tissue elasticity), vulvar rejuvenation.

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    The EVA™ treatment favours functional recovery of metabolic activity through the localized temperature increase, stimulating the synthesis processes of collagen, hyaluronic acid and the ground substance, as well as inducing neoangiogenesis, restoring the tissue development and balance of the bacterial flora.
    It is the first device in the world that uses the exclusive technology VDR™ (Vaginal Dynamic Radiofrequency) and Dynamic Quadripolar Radiofrequency (DQRF), developed and patented by Novavision, together with the main Italian Universities. The self-guided RF (Radiofrequency) system reduces drastically the power usage compared to traditional devices and virtually eliminating the risk of burns. The device can be used by a doctor or trained nurse, and allows to make painless, comfortable and effective treatments. This technology will change the ways of feminine care!

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